Thursday, April 30, 2009

Blogging to blog.

So, I’ve been fairly down in the dumps the past three days. Hence, no everyday blogging. My head is killing me, I spent an hour asleep on my porch with nothing but my Watchmen bag to rest my head on in the rain while waiting for my mom to get home (I forgot my keys). And yet, I blog to blog -- to be here for my readers. ‘Cause I loves you and like the release of my fingers tapping away at the keyboard.
I have seriously been considering the idea that I may be Bipolar. My moods have been raging up and down, and it’s exhausting. Yeah, I know -- people (especially girls my age) have mood swings. But these are crazy. Big time crazy.
That or my depression is getting bizarre…
I’ve had some good things happen, which always make the world a little brighter.
As of today, it has been two weeks since Mr. Agent-Man emailed me and is supposed to email me back. Has he? No. Do I hope he will tomorrow, or Monday? Yes. Yes I do. Because waiting is starting to get nauseating. Which is yucky.
And I really need to start working on some things internet presence wise. I really think I’m going to start reviewing a lot more. Perhaps a lot of what I read -- ARC or not. I enjoy that. And I’ll guest review and whatnot. It’ll all be good.
I’m bummed I didn’t watch much Dragonball Z last night because of the stupid storming. I had to sleep downstairs. Ugh. I hope to catch up tonight.
So, how is the rest of the world out there? I’m down, hoping for good enough news to bring me back out of my rut.


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Wyman Stewart said...

What should I tell you? I don't know. Maybe you need to see a doctor or maybe you have too much going on in your life at once. That's why they make Mom's I think, so kids can talk to them. Likely even if the agent called and told you the book has been bought by a publisher, it would not be published for a year or more. You can wait a few more days or weeks. Even if the agent is a jerk, the agent knows this too. What if the agent is not a jerk? Don't think about it until you feel much better and are in a positive mood.

Indirectly, I know a guy who had fame and fortune at 16, but by age 21, the kind of fame he had was gone forever, although he saved some of the fortune. Hey, but in these times we are in now, I think it is safe to say he has lost a few million dollars of that fortune. He was blessed to be born with a happy-go-lucky, positive attitude, but I am sure he has had his down times too.

Life is filled with obstacles. Our job is to overcome each obstacle; to realize obstacles are challenges to be engaged in with overall joy, if you can learn to do this. Some obstacles will never move, so you will have to go around, over, or under them, as best you can. That means you don't always win, but you don't have to feel like a loser, either.

He has a knack for this I will never have. Hope you can find it in your own life. Now is not the time to listen to negative or depressing music. Read something funny, listen to music that is cheerful and cheers you up. Recall that life is long and you are just starting. ha ha ha Too soon, it will feel like life is too short, but you are not at that age yet.

Take care of your health, compliment yourself and someone else each day, if you can. I don't have answers, even for myself too often. But that guy I mentioned, keeps right on going. He's not perfect, but he looks to bring joy and happiness into people's lives. He's done that for 45 years, despite the fact he will never be as famous as he was at 16, nor make as much money as he once did. Give yourself a break. Do look into your health if this stuff continues, physical and mental health. Also realize, not everything has to be accomplished today, tomorrow, or even next year.

No, I won't tell you the guy's name. It wouldn't mean anything to you. Just try to start each day with the attitude you are going to make yourself happy today and those you meet too. Do that to the best of your ability and many worries will melt away. I warn you though, that's a lot of work and rarely easy. If you fail like I do most of the time, don't give up; start again each new day.

:-) Well, I tried. It's not easy being young, middle aged, or old. But if you find ways and reasons to be happy each day, it will be a lot easier. Take care and God bless. Just because I don't comment does not mean I have no thoughts about you. Uh, is it okay for me to end now? ;-)