Monday, September 8, 2008

I have been a busy girl.

So. I'll get this outta the way now.
I posted a new review on my new review/interview and whatnot blog:
and I'm pleased to say I'll be guest blogging tomorrow at the amazing Brooke's:

My website has been undergoing some changes:
And Horror-web, which will have some new kick-butt reviews from me as soon as I finish my two newest. And my Dark Knight soundtrack review...:
And soon I'll have up my interview with Stephenie Kuehnert! [Any authors interested in an interview, let me know. I'm more than happy to do one]
Okay. Now that we have that junk out--
I've been writing on my third book in the BOE series. I need to edit the 2nd one. I wish I'd hear back on the first.
It gets stressful, you know.
Anyway. I've been writing. And working on stuff for the internet. 'Cause I love my internet friends. =]
How are you all? Korey, Sam, Mai, Megan, Noel, Brittaney? Wyman? Anyone else that should totally speak up right now and say HELLO!
I miss you all.
Like, bunches.
So. My loyal ones. Friends. Neighbors. Lend me your eyes.
I'd love to know some things. Like, what authors -- that I'm capable of getting ahold of and replying, mind you -- would you like me to try to interview? Any books I totally need to read? Changes to the website in need of making? Fanfiction I should be writing to entertain you and myself?
I love input. Honestly.
And more FAQ's.
'Cause asking me questions rocks.
I'm bizzare.
Off to write until I pass out!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Books and other such wonderful things.

I haven't had a chance to tell my darling Scribblings my good news:
I, Angel Young, am the Presdient of the Book Club! Bwahahaha! That sounds ways way dorkier than I had intended.
I'm not sure why, but I feel the need to write like crazy, and work on some art like mad, and bound about on stage like there is no tomorrow. I want to lock myself away inside my creative little head until I feel drained.
Ha. Yeah. I'm kinda weird.
Good -- no, GREAT -- news! I'm going to have more stuff up soon for the website! Wooot! Including an interview with the wicked cool author of I WANNA BE YOUR JOEY RAMONE! Sounds pretty sweet, huh?
I have some review stuff to get up soon, too.
Which reminds me --
You guys should check out
Horror buffs would dig it. Normal folks would too...Or so I believe.
I'm hoping I get around to a guest blog in October (I mean...for me to guest review somewhere.) I have the book in mind I want to review, too...
Back to La-La land..


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Dying to Catch My Breath

So, um, this is a day I dread. I mean, today was a terrific day. But writing wise -- oh buddy, don't get me started.
I'm one of those believers in writing what I'd like to read. Today, I wanted a break. I didn't want to focus on any particular old story, but instead wanted to start a project with myself -- a Chapter-A-Day Write-What-You-Wanna-Read project. That's how BOE was started, anyway.
I love writing when it's pure and absolutely untainted like this. When I can produce a chapter or so a day and have the feedback from others to motivate me into a complete novel in no time.
Today, I wasn't so lucky.
So, I've kinda resulted to what I think I'm going to end up working on for a little while (or so I keep telling myself). It's a fantasy, one I am still exploring the world of, so I'm hoping the, like, three chapters I have won't taint my Chapter-A-Day, Write what you want to read, thing.
We can only hope.
'Cause I need the writing freedom right now. It mellows Angel out sooo much.
So, what do my Scribblings think of the changes to the Website? Like 'em?
I'm thinking of asking the author of the August Read of The Month for an interview. =]
I'll be reviewing again soon. I have to guest review sometime soon...
And I need to get more active at
All of which I will do, because I'm catching up.
Catching my breath.


Monday, September 1, 2008

Backspace Conference

So, I’m a lazy hobo and never got around to posting about the Backspace conference. Yeah, I know. I’m nearly a month behind.
So, Day One at said conference, I was terrified outta my freakin’ mind. I mean, I was at a Writer’s CONFERENCE. With other writers. I know I should’ve felt like I’d be at home, but I was petrified. First thing on my agenda was my Two Minutes Two Pages session with two agents and a bunch of other writers. I think this was probably what had me so scared, because I had to sit in a little conference room at one of those long business tables and read from one of my stories. Out loud. As one of the youngest people there.
Yeah, I thought I would die.
Well, it actually went really well. I got great feedback, both were interested (did I mention one of two said agents is the one that requested BOE? That added on to my dread) and I got one of the best responses. The rest of the day I was perfectly fine. I attended some panels, had lunch with mom, went back to a few more panels, and left. In the midst of all this, I met several people, occasionally was dragged around by Heather to meet people. That night I hung with Heather Brewer, Jackie Kessler, A.S. King, Lisa McMann, and a bunch of other new friends at the cocktail reception thing. That was great fun.
As you can guess, Day Two wasn’t nearly as terrifying.
I got up, went to the Conference, attended some panels, chatted with some new friends, had lunch with Heather and a bunch of other writers (and mom. Can’t leave her out), went to some more panels, socialized some more (I met and befriended a humorous editor at Cosmo), then went back to the room and crashed a little while before going on this night city-lights tour thing.
I learned a lot, yet didn’t. It’s hard to explain. I learned a few things, added a little to stuff I already knew, and then got a lot of refreshing.
But it was a great experience, all in all. It felt weird coming home. No more breakfasts, lunches, or dinners with fellow writers or authors. No more excitement. No more constantly busy city full of amazing people.
I was back to being small-town girl, Angel Young, that wants to be an author.
It’s a hard fall, coming back down to reality.
Now, let’s hope I hear good things on that manuscript soon.