Thursday, June 25, 2009

Me, in the Media.

I should so start keeping a list on the side bar of the blog of all the places I keep popping up. Like, for instance -- Wyman has written an excellent profile on my over on!

Go read!

And don't forget about the review blog, Life's A Story -- this week is a special Chronicles of Vladimir Tod theme! INCLUDING an interview with Heather Brewer!

I'll post more soon! Promise!


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Getting motivated.

I've been working on the review blog A LOT lately. I've got several reviews waiting to be posted, an interview, pending interviews, some other features -- including coverage of Heather Brewer's release party for Tenth Grade Bleeds. So it's going to be way busy over there. You all should go check it out and spread it to your friends. It's like an STD -- only a lot more pleasant!


So, I have intentions of not leaving the computer until I've written AT LEAST 3,000 words on the new WIP (Work in Progress).
Because I want to get this freaking story done. So I can revise. And edit. And edit. And edit.
Then query query query.
Because BOE is currently getting nowhere at the moment. Which frustrates me. But Oh Well.


I also got a tattoo. I shall post pics eventually.
And I have amazingly crazy awesome news to share...on Monday. Yeah -- I'm making you wait. But it's worth it!


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I have returned.

I apologize for my absence. You see, I graduated May 22nd. I spent all week getting prepared for my grad party on Saturday the 23rd. And you know what -- it was COMPLETELY worth it! Oh my God the stress was enough to make anyone go mad, but it was an absolute success! There were so many people, and we all had a blast. Several people I really wanted there didn't show, but I was still surrounded by friends. That was enough for me.
It lasted around 12 hours, which was kinda scary. Haha.
All in all, last weekend was amazing and exhausting.
And I LOVED it.
So, pardon the lack of Angel.
I've been on an emotional rollercoaster.
But I'll have a new review up soon.
And hopefully some good news.
What I need to be doing right now:
- Reading review books.
- Working on Thank You cards.
- Designing a tattoo I was hired to do.
- Finishing planning my trip to London next month.
- Cleaning.
- Sending out more query letters.
- Writing.
- Editing.
- Getting important secret things done.
- Emailing people about things.

What I AM doing:
- Blogging
- Watching TV from time to time.
- Reading comics.
- Staring at my notebook.
- Playing with the dogs.
- Playing on Twitter.
- Of course, Myspace.

I is a slacker.

But never fear! I got over two thousand words in on my new WIP yesterday, and I hope to get some more done today.
So, I am off to write!