Sunday, October 18, 2009

"Some die looking for a hand to hold."

So, I was pretty relieved when I scratched some things off my To Do list at long last. Now I've just got:

- 6 papers and 3 art pieces.
- 1 paper for Art History
- Final edits on short story due to editor by Halloween.
- Edit/Revise WIP- Rewrite an older story (code name LWY)
- And whatever else comes my way.

Like half of that has to be done by November 6th. Of course the short story has until Halloween. The WIP needs to be ready for querying (or at least I hope it will be) by January. And I want to try to hammer out a rough draft for the LWY rewrite in November.

So yeah, I'm busy. Not to mention the Halloween related plans I have. Plus there is a project I've been working on that I hope to have ready by next Halloween that's going to seriously take a year of planning and work.

Aaaaand, stay excited, folks! Halloween ( My FAVORITE holiday, might I add) is just around the bend, and with that comes my first bit of in-print publication. I promise to link it to you guys so you can order you're little hearts out.


I'm thinking about posting a series of blogs about the places I write, including pics. Anyone digging this idea?