Monday, June 30, 2008

The Verdict Is...

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am pleased to annouce, I will be attending the 2008 Backspace Conference in New York! YAY!
More bloggy goodness tomorrow!


Friday, June 27, 2008

The Big, Bad, Back-Up Plan

I'm still waiting, still riding along with my good feeling that I will get represented by said dream-agent, but I'm a virgo -- I plan. Excessively. Which includes my back-up plan just in case things don't go as planned. So, I have this strategy I've got worked out.

For instance, there's the Backspacer critiquing my manuscript. I need that feedback. I need to know it's worth it.

If it is, I'll take the advice and work with it, figure out the flaws, tighten the manuscript. Polish it to blinding point, when an agent can't resist. Then, it's gleam will rub off on publishers, and they'll want a deal. See my genius?

I've got my second round of query people ready. I'm going to shine up my query and synopsis to max level. Maybe throw them at the Backspacers, see if they can help.

In the mean time, I'll work my butt off on my other manuscripts and short fiction. I'll try to get some short fiction published, get my name out there. I'll keep up my reviews on Horror-Web, get more going on my blog. Try to gain more Scribblings.

I'm going to seriously work my fingers to the bone. I want this, and I want it bad.

I almost cried today, because someone very, very important to me that has drastically changed my life said they honestly think I will make it. (I'm not revealing the identity, though I know this person should know that she did it. If not I'll have to poke her.) Hearing this makes my world keep revolving. Makes me want to keep pressing forward through the hardships.

I will make it, it's only a matter of time.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Of The Writing Life and Encouragement

I'm a writer. I love it. I suffer through various steps to try and get my little darlings out there into the big wide world. It's tough, tougher than I ever imagined when I first decided I wanted to be a writer.
And I know the minute I can get my work out there, or hear from someone in the biz that it is good, or hear from someone impartial that it's good, then I know it was all worth it. Every single drop of blood, every single tear. All worth it.
But still, it warms my heart when someone I know reads something of mine and enjoys it, honestly. And it really makes my day if it's outside the typical genre the read or something they typically can't stand, and they love it.
Writer's have what is known as Ideal Readers. Someone they subconciously have in the back of their mind as they write. Almost wondering to themselves what that person will think of the tale. Maybe not every writer does. Stephen King does, and I figured out, not too long ago, that I do too.
My ideal reader would be my best friend Krissy. My tiny little bundle of joy, heh heh. She's been reading what I writer since it was terrible. She read my fanfiction, my poetry, my earliest writings, my rough drafts, my revisions -- all of it. She's helped me stay motivated to write by giving me deadlines, told me if something didn't make sense, and spent countless hours pointing out my mistakes and highlighting errors (and, occasionally, highlighting for fun.). I know that she's read the story that an agent is looking at probably ten or more times, and still loves it.
If something ever does come about with my writing, especially the story I'm working to get published right now, she's going in every single acknowledgment, and getting a dedication, and whatever else I can get for her (whether I have buttons, t-shirts, whatever). She is always there, has always been there, and will always be there. She's that person that you know you'll have forever, no matter where you go. She encourages me after rejections, celebrated when my manuscript was requested, and pushed me to keep going even when I thought it was pointless.
Another person that inspires, motivates, and encourages me is my loving boyfriend, Taylor. He stands by my side, helps me research and checks my facts, reads over things, and keeps me going. When I got my first rejection, he said "Yay! You know what that means? One step closer to getting published. And presents for Angel time!". He might just be getting my first dedication, if Krissy doesn't.
My mom, though we fight and bicker more than any mother and daughter should, is one of my biggest fans. She helps me edit, funds my existence, and encourages me. She is a great reference, and tells me flat out if something is wrong, missing, or confusing in a story.
Last, and in no way least, is Heather Brewer. She's opened the door and let me into the Writing World. Her success inspires me. I can ask her a million questions and she'll answer every one of them. She convinced me to join Backspace, which is teaching me so much, and is teaching me things to better my career, like getting me to go the the Backspace conference, which is going to do wonders. She's a wonderful author, the best mentor, and a terrific (will you smack me for calling you this?) friend.
These people aren't the only people that are helping me in my journey to become a published writer, but they are some of the most signifcant. The people I can't help but be thankful to and grateful for. Without them, I'd be nowhere near where I am right now.
There are only a few weeks left to wait before I find out about my manuscript. Keep your fingers crossed and send me good vibes. I've got a good feeling, but also know that if I don't get it, I'll get over it. I'll get rolling on the next steps -- getting out short fiction, soaking up as much info from the Backspace community as possible, and rewriting my manuscript. I'll get out my second list of queries, work on some other WIP's that I want to get out there. There are several roads I can travel on. I just want to know which way I'm going so I can adapt.
Back to the life of an aspiring author.


(p.s. Wyman, you deserve honorable mention, because you've been so wonderful and supportive after all this time. Thank you so much.)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Backspace Writer's Conference 2008

I'm beyond excited right now. Why's that, you may ask? I may be attending the 2008 Backspace Writer's Conference in New York in August! I'm so freaking stoked. You have no idea. Unless my mom decides I can't go, at which time I would cry and then eventually get over it.
But I reaaaaally wanna go. I want to shmooze with others in the biz, hang with my author buddies, learn as much as I can. I. Cannot. Wait. This can do wonders for my career.

I also got my ACT scores back, which I really stressed over. I only wanted to take it once, so I went in hoping I'd get the score I need for college. Wel.....I GOT IT! And then some. I'm beyond happy about that. Haha.

I also got my stuff in today. I love my hoodie. It's so soft, and warm...Heehee.

Well, I'm off for now. Toodles.


Saturday, June 21, 2008

Well, it's been a while...

I only have a few more weeks of waiting -- hopefully -- left. I'm really excited, because this is my dream agent. I know not to get upset if I get turned down -- that merely means I can revise it and try again. It gives me the opportunity to make some of my other WIP (work(s) in progress) some needed TLC and let them have a try at the publishing world while my currently submitted manuscript would take time to seek it's full potential. Plus, there is the reassuring fact that I have made it considerably far for my age. That really gives me drive.

So, I've become the newest reviewer for! I have my first review up, which was surprisingly helpful. When I submit a review to the guy in charge, he critques. I mean, really critiques -- which I love (though it terrifes me to think of hearing criticism). A lot of my new writing buddies on Backspace (which I'll get to in a moment) have been way supportive, telling me how wonderful an opportunity this is for me. I can see why -- It gives me some understanding of what it will be like to have an editor, to have someone go through something I wrote and say "This works; this doesn't". I mean, I have a few wonderful people that read my stuff now and let me know if there is something that doesn't quite fit. But they are, sadly, biased slightly. I want a good critique, and I usually get "You forgot a letter here." or "What did this mean?" or "I don't get this bit -- otherwise, wonderful!" I love and appreciate their time and help, but I need someone to really give me a good swift kick in the butt sometimes. I also consider myself lucky because the owner of the website that critqued so well offered to help me in my fiction by giving his critique of that as well!

Okay, I mentioned Backspace a moment ago, but haven't gotten around to explaining that yet. Some of my published buddies are on Backspace, a writing community online (a very supportive & informative one, at that!), and they reccomended that I join. I was a tad worried at first, because sometimes I feel like I'm just a little kid standing in a crowd of adults, trying to explain I'm one of them. Not that I'm calling everyone old. I just feel like everyone judges me by my age, not my writing ability. On Backspace...I don't feel like an outcast, I feel like I belong. It's incredible.

Oh, Wyman, if you read this -- Thanks a million for your wonderful support and kindness all this time. Reading your comments and chatting with you always makes me smile.

I should be a little more active online soon. I've been 100% swamped lately. But I'm working on returning to my internet family.