Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Backspace Writer's Conference 2008

I'm beyond excited right now. Why's that, you may ask? I may be attending the 2008 Backspace Writer's Conference in New York in August! I'm so freaking stoked. You have no idea. Unless my mom decides I can't go, at which time I would cry and then eventually get over it.
But I reaaaaally wanna go. I want to shmooze with others in the biz, hang with my author buddies, learn as much as I can. I. Cannot. Wait. This can do wonders for my career.

I also got my ACT scores back, which I really stressed over. I only wanted to take it once, so I went in hoping I'd get the score I need for college. Wel.....I GOT IT! And then some. I'm beyond happy about that. Haha.

I also got my stuff in today. I love my hoodie. It's so soft, and warm...Heehee.

Well, I'm off for now. Toodles.



Wyman said...

Tell your Mom for me, because I am telling this to "you", but she should know: Travel while you are young, then you will know how to travel when you are old. Travel is important. Most of the time when I am saying this on the internet, I am telling people to travel to different places in the world. That is, travel to other countries. I say the same to you. However, since New York is not another country---well, not until you get there, then it will seem it is the world---I must encourage you and your Mom to send you to the Writer's Conference in New York. ;-) I think it would be nice if Mom can go too, but if money does not allow it, then send you---and I will pray a lot for you, since your Mom would want to kill me if you have even one bad moment in the Big Apple, like seeing the worm in the Big Apple, for example. But seriously, you need to go. In some small, but important way, it will be a purposeful step in the direction of Writerhood for you or a step that will play a part in whatever life you come to live.

I am not a traveler, except by internet. I will never know the places I might have seen, nor the people I may have met. Even more importantly, if I should become even a minor in-demand writer or should publish a book one day, I will be ill-fit to go on the road to promote my own work. Your works are your adopted children and you will want to reveal to the world how precious and wonderful they are; even the worst one. You will want and need to sing their praises, so you should learn as much as possible how to meet and get along with every type of personality possible, while leaving no stone unturned who will wist to read your book or story, if only someone (you) tell him/her it is out their to be read. In New York, you will meet all kinds of people, who will seem to do that naturally. You can learn from them.

;-) But, just in case NYC really is too far away, if you would like, I can try to find an invitation I got to an Athens, Georgia Literary Conference at the University of Georgia you might wish to attend, I think, toward the end of July. I can't attend because of the dates. You must learn to go beyond your own state.

Okay, I am a real "pain". Wouldn't want you to make all the mistakes I made. Especially not the one's I did not know I was making at the time, but know now. Bye-bye!!!

P.S.---No running away to NYC though. MUST do it with permission. ha ha ha

Wyman said...

ha ha ha I was pretty tired and sleepy when I wrote that, so you might have to decide if I was of sound mind while typing. Just trying to paint my way out of the corner I am in. Bye!!!