Friday, June 27, 2008

The Big, Bad, Back-Up Plan

I'm still waiting, still riding along with my good feeling that I will get represented by said dream-agent, but I'm a virgo -- I plan. Excessively. Which includes my back-up plan just in case things don't go as planned. So, I have this strategy I've got worked out.

For instance, there's the Backspacer critiquing my manuscript. I need that feedback. I need to know it's worth it.

If it is, I'll take the advice and work with it, figure out the flaws, tighten the manuscript. Polish it to blinding point, when an agent can't resist. Then, it's gleam will rub off on publishers, and they'll want a deal. See my genius?

I've got my second round of query people ready. I'm going to shine up my query and synopsis to max level. Maybe throw them at the Backspacers, see if they can help.

In the mean time, I'll work my butt off on my other manuscripts and short fiction. I'll try to get some short fiction published, get my name out there. I'll keep up my reviews on Horror-Web, get more going on my blog. Try to gain more Scribblings.

I'm going to seriously work my fingers to the bone. I want this, and I want it bad.

I almost cried today, because someone very, very important to me that has drastically changed my life said they honestly think I will make it. (I'm not revealing the identity, though I know this person should know that she did it. If not I'll have to poke her.) Hearing this makes my world keep revolving. Makes me want to keep pressing forward through the hardships.

I will make it, it's only a matter of time.

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Wyman said...

Back-up plan, hmmm! Sure beats having a ketchup plan. Bloody good idea, in fact.