Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Dying to Catch My Breath

So, um, this is a day I dread. I mean, today was a terrific day. But writing wise -- oh buddy, don't get me started.
I'm one of those believers in writing what I'd like to read. Today, I wanted a break. I didn't want to focus on any particular old story, but instead wanted to start a project with myself -- a Chapter-A-Day Write-What-You-Wanna-Read project. That's how BOE was started, anyway.
I love writing when it's pure and absolutely untainted like this. When I can produce a chapter or so a day and have the feedback from others to motivate me into a complete novel in no time.
Today, I wasn't so lucky.
So, I've kinda resulted to what I think I'm going to end up working on for a little while (or so I keep telling myself). It's a fantasy, one I am still exploring the world of, so I'm hoping the, like, three chapters I have won't taint my Chapter-A-Day, Write what you want to read, thing.
We can only hope.
'Cause I need the writing freedom right now. It mellows Angel out sooo much.
So, what do my Scribblings think of the changes to the Website? Like 'em?
I'm thinking of asking the author of the August Read of The Month for an interview. =]
I'll be reviewing again soon. I have to guest review sometime soon...
And I need to get more active at Horror-Web.com.
All of which I will do, because I'm catching up.
Catching my breath.


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