Monday, September 8, 2008

I have been a busy girl.

So. I'll get this outta the way now.
I posted a new review on my new review/interview and whatnot blog:
and I'm pleased to say I'll be guest blogging tomorrow at the amazing Brooke's:

My website has been undergoing some changes:
And Horror-web, which will have some new kick-butt reviews from me as soon as I finish my two newest. And my Dark Knight soundtrack review...:
And soon I'll have up my interview with Stephenie Kuehnert! [Any authors interested in an interview, let me know. I'm more than happy to do one]
Okay. Now that we have that junk out--
I've been writing on my third book in the BOE series. I need to edit the 2nd one. I wish I'd hear back on the first.
It gets stressful, you know.
Anyway. I've been writing. And working on stuff for the internet. 'Cause I love my internet friends. =]
How are you all? Korey, Sam, Mai, Megan, Noel, Brittaney? Wyman? Anyone else that should totally speak up right now and say HELLO!
I miss you all.
Like, bunches.
So. My loyal ones. Friends. Neighbors. Lend me your eyes.
I'd love to know some things. Like, what authors -- that I'm capable of getting ahold of and replying, mind you -- would you like me to try to interview? Any books I totally need to read? Changes to the website in need of making? Fanfiction I should be writing to entertain you and myself?
I love input. Honestly.
And more FAQ's.
'Cause asking me questions rocks.
I'm bizzare.
Off to write until I pass out!

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Wyman said...

Not being a young adult, I have not read any good young adult books lately, :-) so let me suggest a book or two I think any good writer might find useful. The first is: "Physics of the Impossible" by Michio Kaku, a Theoretical Physics Professor at the City University of New York. He divides "modern day impossibles" into 3 categories of civilization(s) that could make the impossible, reality. Teleportation and Time Travel are just two topics he discusses. You might find a treasure trove of story ideas in this book or even instruction on what kind of world you would want to create in one of your short stories or books to remain consistent with modern scientific thought. The other book is by Psychiatrist Oliver Sacks. It is called "Musicophilia", a reasonably fascinating book about brain disorders, the result of disease or accidents, and their relationship to music. Again, this book might provide writing ideas or insights into future subjects. I see both books as books that can spur the imagination. Perhaps the nice thing about both is you do not necessarily have to read the whole book at once and you could probably skip around in both books, if you wished. You wouldn't lose that much doing it that way.

Anyway, glad to see you came back to life. Thought you might not reappear until you had a book on the New York Times Best Sellers list. Or perhaps you had been abducted by one of your short stories, never to return--well, not until a ransom was paid, anyway.

Okay, okay, I am outta here!!!!