Saturday, May 2, 2009

Of glass, comics, and good moods.

So, after basically FORCING myself to be happy on this already bleak and miserable day -- I'm feeling loads better. It's possibly just a temperary fix, but I try to hope for more.
So, I met this woman today that is pretty fantastic and actually helped influence my mood. She's an artist of sorts -- she does these jewelry sculptures and glass hangings and stained glass things... I mean, it's gorgeous work! We talked and she showed me some of her stuff, and I think I may even go learn how to do some of this stuff from her. She was fabulous, and quite the positive influence on my spirit.
Today was also FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!!! I love comics, so this day is like Heaven for me. Taylor usually goes with me, but he was in Jeff City for a photo shoot. So, it was just me today. I got a Batman comic half off and a TON of free comics. This, too, added to my better mood.
And, since it IS Free Comic Book Day -- I'm going to go see X-Men Origins: Wolverine tonight. I am SO excited! It has Gambit, and Deadpool, and Wolverine....*geeky squeal* I'm stoked.
Well, off to clean before the movie.


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