Sunday, May 10, 2009

Type...type type...scribble scribble...

Life has been crazy lately. But I'm okay with that.
And I've been all inspired today. So I write when I'm not cleaning. And I blast Blue October's new cd.
And thus, an idea I've been turning about in my head is taking form. Whenever my main character reveals a bit more info to me, I listen to him eagerly, and scribble down notes. Writing will be delightful tonight.
I saw the new Star Trek -- quite amazing, I must say. And I finished watching the first season of Dragonball Z last night; I've already bought the second season, but have yet to begin watching it. I may end up waiting until school's out. I have a lot to do to get ready for the graduation party.
Plus, I really need to finish reading both Angels and Demons (for contemp. novels) and Graceling (which I need to return to the library). I'll be sad to finish Graceling -- it's an amazing book. I love Katsa -- she's my hero. But I shall post a review for it on my review blog, which will be the kick off to my magnificent review-filled summer. Until something happens with my writing, that is. If I gets all agented and need to do lots of writing, I will more than likely sacrifice reviewing for writing.
Speaking of writing (when am I NOT? Honestly...) -- it has been a magnificent head-clearer lately. I am quite pleased to have the opportunity to come home and get the things done that need to be done, so I have plenty of time to write of an evening if I please. Or read. Or watch anime. Or whatever. And my blood pressure isn't sky rocketing anymore. It's like...amazingly amazing to be feeling this free. Like my heart isn't made of steel anymore -- it's nowhere near as heavy as before.
Well, back to cleaning. We have a new stove and fridge coming in tonight!


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