Thursday, April 16, 2009

Finally, we're getting somewhere.

So, I heard from Mr. Agent-Man at long last. He's taken my revised B.O.E. book one manuscript. Turned in my manuscript last night like a good girl.
I've been pretty sick since Saturday night. I haven't been to school all week. Tried to go to school today but was wayyy too sick and was sent home.
Now I'm relaxing, having myself another Batman marathon (I spent Tuesday watching most of my Batman movies). I just finished Batman Returns, and am about to put it Batman and Robin.
Yay me.
Whenever I get done I'm going to get to work on a new project. There is no rest for the hard working sick writers.
Except now, as I watch Batman movies...
Prom is on Saturday. Tomorrow I have Freshman orientation at the college. Joy.


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