Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I have returned, like a zombie fresh out of the grave. But unlike a zombie, I'm alive and kicking (which doesn't explain this odd craving for brains..) Things in my personal life became sort of... chaotic... the past few months. Holidays, relationship troubles, computer crash, college, medical issues... Really, I'm grateful I'm here right now.

So, I'm fixing up the ol' blog and giving it the love it deserves -- as well as posting again regularly for my loyal readers. I've been away far too long, lovelies, and for that I do apologize.

Try to keep up with me -- this place is going to make a comeback, with more life than ever!
Let me know what you think of the changes, and I'll have a better post up tomorrow. I crave your opinions, just like I crave those tasty, tasty brains..

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