Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Newest Member of the Family

World -- I'd like to introduce you to the newest member of my family -- Saffron Emer.

Saffron was originally taken from her litter by a family that couldn't afford her because she, as well as the other pups, weren't being treated.. well, we'll just say they weren't being properly cared for. The family that took her and one of her brothers in, however, couldn't afford nor did they have time to take care of both pups. This is where, a lot of the time, someone at my house is contacted. This time, it was me. And I have a hard time saying no, especially to a little one in need. She was skinny, dirty, and covered in fleas, but I didn't care. I knew she needed someone to love her.

Saffron came to live with me on Friday, and she's been a perfect fit to our crazy house. Taylor and I had to spend some time bathing her and getting every single flea off of her. We fed her a gave her attention that she desperately wanted. She's pretty small, maybe a little bigger than an adult chinchilla. She's full of energy, adventurous, and LOVES her momma (aka, me). She stays upstairs in my room, because she's too small to leave downstairs with the others. And she might, you know, get lost. So, when I'm home, she's at my heels. When I leave, I put her in my bathroom -- which is the biggest in the house and is currently puppy proof and rather nice for a pup's place. She sleeps on her puppy bed in my bathroom, too. My room isn't quite ready yet for a puppy to play in there safely as I sleep -- but by some time this week, she'll end up being curled up in my bed where she always wants to be. =]

I've always wanted to run or help an official No Kill Shelter for animals. When I was young, that's what I wanted to do. I would drag in stays and hurt animals all the time -- it's a wonder my mom didn't kill me! -- but the habit has yet to change.

Since I've moved to our new house, complete with it's 18 acres, this has been a little easier on us space wise. The wild animals (like the turtles I get off the highway occasionally) can go out in the woods. Then there's loads of room for the dogs that sleep outside in the barn or in their pens. And then, there's the inside dogs -- otherwise known as the Goof Troop or Troublesome Trio (well, until Saffron came along). That's Kikyo, Tristan, and Logan -- of the three, Logan is the only one that we didn't willingly bring to live with us. He was a rescue stray pup himself.
Granted, it gets pretty stressful, and sometimes people make me feel pretty bad for having so many -- like I'm doing something bad or trashy by letting animals take up more time than other aspects of my life. "It's a lot to handle", they tell me -- as though I don't already know -- "Do you really think you can care properly for them all?" And of course, I know I can. We've had people come out and check them out to make sure they are all good. We were thanked at our old town because we were keeping a lot of strays from being put down by getting put in the pound. Sure, not all of our dogs have gotten spayed or neutered yet, but we're working on it. And, if by some chance, one gets pregnant, we care for the pups until they are old enough to find new homes, and then take them to said new homes, usually with a towel or blanket and some puppy food to help out the new family. To me, it's more than having a bunch of pets -- it's adding to my family and giving them love when no one else could.

Well, I hope you liked this post, and I hope it gave you some insight into my life outside of writing and college. Not to mention -- isn't Saffron just the SWEETEST?!?


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