Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I'm working on something new.

And it's a project I hope will:

1.) Increase my internet presence.


2.) Give me a pleasant new creative outlet.

And the really awesome part is--

it's an internet project.

As in, something I'll be posting online.

For my Scribblings.


Feel the love.


1 comment:

Wyman said...

I wish you a lot of luck on what you are working on. Nice to see you back online.

I read up on this strange syndrome you mentioned and I must say, I can't imagine a horror movie or novel that could possibly match the reality of that syndrome! Best wishes and best regards to this young fellow. I hope he has excellent health forevermore. That may be the scarriest thing I have ever read about.

Sadly, that is how fragile our lives are. Tomorrow is promised to no one. I wish each of us could better understand that fact. With his permission, maybe you could turn his story into a young adult non-fiction work of survival. That might help get the word out on this rare syndrome. I am sure it would make a gripping tale of horror and suspense, especially since it would be reality. Just a suggestion. Hard to do when you are so close to events.

Again, I wish him AND YOU, the very best. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!