Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Boston and Salem Trip!

Really, we did A LOT in the dew days we were in Boston, and I NEVER wanted to leave Salem. I actually hope to live in Salem one day. It's just so spectacular.

This was the view from our hotel in Boston. GORGEOUS, right?!

Not to mention, just across the street was King's Chapel - which, I believe, is the oldest cemetery in Boston. It was amazing!

That's my mom over there. You can tell which luggage is mine. *cough* Skull bag. *cough*

The very first day we got there, we went on a duck tour -- which was pretty awesome.
On the duck, we saw a car -- IN THE WATER!
I don't remember which day, but one of the days we went on a walking historical tour with a very entertaining guide.

She was one of my favorite things on the entire trip! I'd always wanted to see a real street performer! I tipped her and got a picture with her.
We went to the aquarium one morning. I loved the seals. ^_^ I bought a little seal stuffed animal and named him Bently.

Then, right after the aquarium, we went on a whale watch. This was one of the most amazing experiences of my entire life. You're feet away from these huge majestic creatures.
It's just... beautiful.

We went on this really cool Haunted Footsteps tour through Salem that I really loved. We walked around in the dark and heard stories about some of Salem's grim past.

The above two pictures are from the House of Seven Gables. It was actually really cool, especially when Taylor and I (Taylor = the boyfriend) went up a secret staircase passageway!!

Taylor on the phone with his mom in one of the cemetery's the day before we left. Isn't he handsome? ^_^

More cemetery goodness.

I'm obsessed with the Salem Witch Trials, and was in love with the little tribute they had for the victims. They had all these little benches with the names of those that lost their lives. A lot of them had flowers and such on them. It was really touching.

Though we did a TON of amazing things in Salem, one of my favorite things was the Nightmare Gallery -- a museum with recreated horror movie legends!! They had everything from the classics, like Nosferatu, Dracula, Frankenstein, and The Creature from the Black Lagoon to more modern things, like Freddy, Jason, Pinhead, and some newer zombies. It was AMAZING!!!

I wish I would've gotten more pictures of all the things we did, but I was having so much fun DOING them that I just didn't have time!

Hope you guys enjoyed!


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