Thursday, February 19, 2009

Breaking from the chaos.

I've been stuck in some insane choas the past few months. It's like every single time I get past some road block in my life, I hit another. Like, I'm getting pretty numb to the pain.

Like, my father died.

Some little punk is trying to take my best friend from me.

We STILL aren't completely moved.

A zillion things must be done.
I DID get accepted to MAC, the college before I go to Chicago (if I still choose to go to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago).

At least I hired a friend to be my 'assistant'. Basically, I'm paying her to come over and assist in what needs to be done. This, luckily, gives me a small amount of time to write and get writing related things done. Such as the revamping of queries, and the preparation to send more out -- considering I STILL have yet to get a reply from Mr. Agent Man. Rawr.
And, I have something in the works that is pretty exciting. But, before I can release said information, I have to confirm it. But if all goes as planned, it is a decent step forward for my writing career. Something magnificent to add to my query letters.
I haven't had time in all the craziness to work on The Affliction Chronicles. Granted, it's not that wonderful, and I'm considering condensing it and removing it from the internet for a secret purpose (an opportunity I'm temted to not pass up) -- it still must be worked on. What's super cool is the fact it's actually gotten Fan Art. How freakin' cool is that?? Very.
Well, time for some sleep.

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